June 25, 2020 at 11:44 pm

The Red Pill Initiation Hour – Ep 26 – Scott Onstott: Sacred Geometry & Secrets in Plain Sight


Welcome to episode 26 of The Red Pill Initiation Hour. Join Primal Alchemy’s creator and director Chris Storey with guest Scott Onstott as they shine a light on the architectural blueprint of the matrix, looking at how sacred geometry and other holy mathematical constants create our not only 3D reality but also hold the key to our ascension out of it.

On the episode Chris & Scott deconstruct the sacred building blocks that tie this level of reality to the macrocosmic heavens above and the microcosmic sub atomic levels below. Scott talks us through our ancient ancestors in depth innerstanding of this sacred science and how they encoded it in their sacred texts, art, architecture and more, in order to preserve this key of transcendence for future generations of initiates to decode and unlock higher states of consciousness. Chris and Scott discuss how the golden ratio can be found throughout all of natures creations including the human body, which Chris then breaks down how our bodies grow into this divine proportion for better states of physical, mental and spiritual health. Other topics explored include secrets of our ancient past encoded into the street layouts of some of the worlds most famous cities and who are the real architects of this reality. All of this and more on episode 26 of The Red Pill Initiation Hour.

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For more on Scott Onstott and his content check out below

Website: http://www.secretsinplainsight.com/

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