April 14, 2022 at 9:25 pm

Uncompromised Talk with Joe Atwill and Ron Renaud


Definition of gnosis : esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth held by the ancient Gnostics to be essential to salvation.

“Gnostics are first and foremost heretics, always rebelling against an ossified status quo. Gnostics are also mystics, individualists, philosophers, artists, shamans, mythologists and visionaries.” – Adrian Charles Smith

I’m interviewing Joseph Atwill soon. Loyal SGI and GNOSIS followers and friends please let me know your questions for the independent researcher and paradigm challenging scholar. You can drop a comment or email me through the contact page on this site or on our social media accounts. Tuesday is the day so you will have to act fast to have your questions brought up on the show. If you want to help expedite production of this episode of the Gnosis Podcast please consider becoming a subscriber, making a donation or purchasing from our online store. All proceeds go towards advancing the human condition and refusing to become technocratic pawns, slowly genocided by satan worshipping minions of the deep state.

A few massive claims that I plan to follow up with him on include that British Freemasonry is responsible for the creation of Zionism and by extension World War Two and the creation of the state of Israel. The implications if true literally rewrite human history and provide proper context for understanding the menacing nature of co-opted or designed to infiltrate and devastate secret societies, such as the Illuminati, the CIA, Skull and Bones, and their connection to Freemasonry. The hidden hand of history is being revealed and the battle for the soul of mankind rages on.

Godspeed and party on truth seekers.


Via: Uncompromised Freedom with Ron Renaud

Do you want to know where the Christian Gospel comes from? For 2000 years this has been one of the world’s great mysteries. Joe Atwill, author of Caesar’s Messiah, posits an absolutely stunning answer. Enjoy this fascinating conversation that’s jammed with shocking revelations (no pun intended). The name of the game —politically, for tyrant or oligarchy, that wants to subdue and control a population, is creating and maintaining a sense of legitimacy. Wait until you see how Rome, 2000 years ago did it.


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