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War of the Titans – ROBERT SEPEHR


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In Greek mythology the Titanomachy, or War of the Titans , was the ten-year series of battles which were fought in between the two camps of deities long before the existence of modern mankind: the Titans of Atlantis and the Olympians and their allies. Robert Sepehr is an author, producer, and independent anthropologist. https://www.amazon.com/default/e/B00X…

War of the Titans – ROBERT SEPEHR

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  • Hugh Miller

    “Theories and mythologies, which can be similar come and go as new scientific observations come to light. Dr. Haltron Arp, astronomer was using the Mt. Palomar Observatory’s 200 inch telescope in CA when he observed that the Red-Shift of Quasars next to some Galaxies were “off the charts.” Therefore, Red-Shift calculations are meaningless and thus the Big Bang, created by Lemaitre and agreed to by Einstein has failed as a reliable theory of origins as does the 13.7 billion years for the expansion of the Universe. The BB was so popular in the 1960’s that Dr. Arp [RIP, 2013] was eventually denied any further use of the observatory as he and now others are showing that the Big Bang theory has fizzled.

    The Steady State of the Universe is now under consideration again as has the Earth as the center of it all [see the movie, “The principle.”] Other scientists have suffered the same fate, one having been denied access to C-14 AMS lab when C-14 dating of dinosaur bones showed that their bones were only 1000’s of years old, NOT 65 Mmillion years or more. A French Sedimentologist, Guy Berthault has been ridiculed for his research showing that at least many of the geologic formations were deposited so rapidly that the calculated time is roughly 0.05 % of the time promoted by conventional geology, therefor evolution from a common ancestor seems quite improbable.

    Berthault, like Arp have stuck to their research results as they know what they saw. Check the Internet for carbon dating of dinosaur bones, Arp and Berthault. Are not these data sufficient to require academia to open up their doors to other theories of origins, such as the theory of Abrupt Appearance which suggests a Grand Designer we humans call God?

    WHOOPS – I posted the above in another email today but failed failed to mention that there is a paper entitled “On the Interpretation of Redshift: A Quantitative Comparison of Red-shift Mechanisms,” Louis Marmet, Dec. 3, 2011. His abstract states: “This paper gives a compilation of physical mechanisms producing red-shifts of astronomical objects. Over sixty proposed mechanisms are listed here for the purpose of quantitative comparisons.”

    I copied and pasted these other remarks from an associate in a computer file below for everyone’s use in debates etc.

    On the red-shift note, there are now 63 possible reasons for red-shift, the plasma theory being the 63rd. The other 62 are in a paper by Louis Marmet. But the fact that redshift can be demonstrated in the lab, seems to be a nail in the coffin for denying the Hubble hypothesis, as far as as can be seen.- just some food for thought that modern theories can be just as weird as ancient myths. Lol.