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DMT: Deities, Myth & Tryptamines – RN Vooght


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by RN Vooght
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What if we’re not the greatest after all? It can be hard to imagine that lost to the chronicles of time, a highly sophisticated society that understood both the physical functionality and the spiritual or so-called pseudoscientific realms of humanity’s existence. We’re somewhat arrogantly striving to conquer outer space with almost zero knowledge of the inner realms of our own spiritual existence. However, almost all archaic and New Age belief systems appear to share the same fundamental message and possible point of origin. The underlying message is: God is Light. The Bible’s first 3 days of creation in the book of Genesis are at verses 5, 8 and 13. 5, 8 and 13 are also part of the Fibonacci sequence, and the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza once stood at 5813 inches. A circle with a radius of 5813 inches, we find, has a circumference of 36,524 inches and there are 365.24 days in a solar year. But when can countless coincidences and correlations be considered as credible and scientifically viable connections?

A Lost Ancient Knowledge

In the 21st century where modern academia, religion, and the metaphysical do not see eye to eye, it’s becoming glaringly apparent that ancient myth and scripture may, in fact, unite these opposing trains of thought upon a shared and common ground.

Now, during our descent into the distant aeons of human endeavour, we discover that the catalogued chronology regarding the timeline of so-called civilised human society is frustratingly limited to only 5000 years or so. Everything which came before is somewhat unfairly pigeon-holed into the category of mythology, or worse still, pseudoscience. Mainstream historians still continue to dismiss the notion that anything came before the documented human narrative, citing a lack of physical evidence. That was until the unearthing of Gobekli Tepe – a cosmologically aligned prehistoric masterpiece of human ingenuity which predates the traditional timeline of sophisticated engineering by around 6000 years! Even more astounding is the fact that almost 95% of the site still remains completely unexcavated!

Ancient Egypt’s otherwise perplexing and meteoric rise had never properly been addressed, even though, and by their very own accounts, they insisted upon a much more ancient source of inherited understanding – a time called Zep Tepi, meaning the first time.

During the excavation of Gobekli Tepe, we find that it was in fact buried intentionally as if its builders had had the foresight to protect it from further geological catastrophes. Throughout human history, certain geological disasters appear to have had such a profound impact on the planet that they have entirely reset the technological progress of humanity almost overnight. Through the stockpile of overwhelming evidence compiled by master builder and geologist Randall Carlson we discover that there have been as many as 16 such global cataclysms which have been witnessed by our ancestors during the last 140,000 years.i The last time this occurred was at the end of the last mini Ice Age known as the Younger Dryas Period some 12,000 years BP. Surging meltwater, thought to be the result of a celestial impact located in Greenland, saw a devastating rise in global sea levels by around 400 feet. The dating of this event rather curiously coincides with Plato’s otherwise mythological tale of a sophisticated and civilised society lost beneath the waves sometime around 9,700 before the common era. So, the question remains; could the Ancient Egyptians be correct in identifying a far more archaic understanding regarding their inexplicable access to technological know-how beyond the accepted means typified by Egyptology?

The Teachings in the Temple

Largely dismissed by mainstream Egyptology, independent researcher and writer, R.A. Schwaller di Lubicz, a highly educated scientific scholar of medieval Hermeticism, published his ground-breaking 15-year study of the Ancient Egyptian Temple of Karnak. ‘Le Temple dans L’homme’ was released in 1949 and English translations were available some twenty-eight years later entitled: ‘The Temple In Man: The Secrets of Ancient Egypt’. Today this work is still somewhat overlooked within the obstinately guarded world of Egyptology who remain steadfast in the notion that the temple was for ceremonial initiations and a place of teaching only. Lubicz on the other hand had discovered that the temple wasn’t just a place for initiated teachings, but the temple in fact was the teaching! What Lubicz discovered was an esoteric understanding of the proportions of the human anatomy constructed within the walls of the temple itself. The temple is divided into sub-chambers, each chamber dedicated to a sophisticated and intrinsic understanding of the human body. For example, the first part of the temple constructed was that which correlates to the human brain, or more precisely, the pineal gland or mystical third eye. Inscribed upon the walls of this sacred temple chamber are the attributes and biomechanics of the human mind, a notion of the pineal gland being described as a gateway into and out of the human experience. Yet, as you move down through the temple, what becomes evidently clear is the same extraordinary references to the biological functionality of the human body. Further to this, Lubicz decoded the remarkably exquisite high relief carvings which adorn the temple walls. However, Lubicz still had to be certain. Before publishing this ground-breaking discovery Lubicz decided that the temple hall he theorised as being biometrically symbolic of the human umbilical, ought to house hieroglyphic references suggesting the same biological process on one extremely specific architrave. And the translation did not disappoint:

‘Here the King is born. Here life begins.’ ii

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As Above So Below

It’s here where we pick up the proverbial baton which has been handed to us from di Lubicz. Published in 2017 ‘The Spirit in the Sky: Ancient Cosmological Gods & Where In The World We Find Them’ untangled the scientifically profound mythology of Ancient Egyptian God of Resurrection, Osiris. Osiris is traditionally depicted as the celestial hunter of the heavens who is immortalised on a macrocosmic scale as the constellation of Orion. Osiris, however, is also considered as the complete embodiment of ‘all things acacia’ – an abundant botanical variety known for highly extractable potentials of the world’s most illicit God-inducing chemical compound; which is also found in the human brain. The two-dimensional rendering of the molecular structure of N, N dimethyltryptamine, more commonly known as DMT, is a direct and comprehensive ‘match’ for the constellation of Orion/Osiris. Osiris, we found, was better described as an allegorical template of the archaic axiom ‘As Above So Below’. Our Ancient Egyptian ancestry had ingeniously encapsulated the microscopic fingerprint of an endogenous psychedelic hallucinogen within its natural habitat and broadcast it across the cosmos for the benefit of future generations of humanity.iii Egyptology, once again, remain steadfast by insisting that the ill-fated Osiris was in fact recused from inside a tamarisk tree, only to be murdered by his evil brother and thus became the constellation of Orion. An absurdity in the extreme.

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The Miracle Molecule

DMT, we find, has been successfully utilised as a plant-based medicine by indigenous shaman for millennia. However, in modern day Western society, this tantalisingly taboo tryptamine is rapidly being considered a prerequisite for life itself and is even been touted as an essential neurotransmitter in the making. This entirely endogenous perceptual phenomenon is hardwired into the human experience and appears to have been fully acknowledged and documented thousands of years before it was, dare eye say, rediscovered! In fact, the nuts and bolts of how we view consensual reality may actually be filtered by this highly misunderstood yet miraculous molecule!

Towards the end of the last century clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Dr Rick Strassman, published the results of his now famous government sanctioned DMT research. Strassman had theorised that the nirvana or bliss-like state of mind experienced during death and near-death experiences were somewhat facilitated by the natural secretion of DMT from within the pineal gland of the human brain. It was Strassman’s inquisitive mind that questioned the Buddhist philosophy of the Tibetan Book of the Dead that entertained the notion or religious ideology regarding one’s spirit or soul being reincarnated from one life to another over a period of 49 days.iv This appeared to somewhat mirror the apparent manifestation of the pineal gland within the human embryo after 49 days of gestation. Strassman’s aptly named, The Spirit Molecule, was published in 2000 and theorised that the pineal gland could be typified as one’s spirits en-trance into and out of the material body. Rather intriguingly, however, the Christian calendar also shares the same 49-day tradition which is fondly referred to as Whitsun or Pentecost. This particular celebration takes place no less than 49 days after Easter Sunday and commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.

Cosmological Connections

Buddhism, however, also shares a cosmology with the ancient nomadic yet modern day tribespeople of North African Mali, called the Dogon. Linguist, computer programmer, author and ancient cosmologist, Laird Scranton, sheds a blindingly obvious light upon the uncanny commonalities between these two otherwise unrelated methodologies. Scranton expertly correlates both cosmologies to a rather perplexing point of origin. Scranton states that the Buddhist traditions most ancient and sacred symbology had been bestowed upon them by a non-human source, and although they appear to be in possession of a well of scientifically viable knowledge, this particular explanation doesn’t really seem to hold much water from a scientific point of view. However, the Dogon go one step further by insisting that they were imparted their own sacred and symbolic cosmology by a highly intelligent yet altogether ‘immaterial other’! The Dogon also believe that the universe in which we reside was created alongside an immaterial ‘otherworld’ which is intrinsically linked to our own material reality throughout eternity. Scranton also reveals that the Dogon acknowledge an interaction between both realms of existence during pivotal periods of the processional cycles of the cosmos whereby both worlds appear to merge or manifest within each other.v This cycle of time may be likened to the Vedic tradition whereby the Yuga Cycles appear to dictate the rise and eventual decline (then subsequent rise again) of humanity’s understanding of the mechanics of the cosmos. These so-called cycles of time describing the rise and fall of civilised society appear to mirror the same titanic geological forces of nature to which Randall Carlson expertly refers. And as thus the question remains; who, or indeed, what are these otherworldly interactions with immaterial angel-like messengers or entities?

Otherworldly Breakthroughs

The DMT realm or ‘otherworld’ frequented by shaman and unsanctioned psychonauts across the globe is one which is almost always described as an alternate reality that feels ‘even more real, than real’. A multi-dimensional mindscape which is seemingly inhabited by highly intelligent entities likened to angels, elves and a plethora of benevolent ‘others.’ Once the administered inhalation of vaporised crystalline DMT enters the blood-brain barrier, and after the initial, and terrifyingly real, feeling of ‘Oh my God, I’ve really gone and done it this time – I think I’m dead!’ starts to subside, the unmistakable and irrefutable feeling of interconnectedness, spiritual emancipation and overwhelming sensation of returning to the source occurs. And this mini ego-death and subsequent resurrection is wholly reminiscent of the Ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris – gatekeeper to the ‘otherworld’ to which we shall return to shortly.

The DMT breakthrough as it is termed, and Out of Body/Near Death Experiences seem to work on the same scientific principalities due the very nature of how we interact with photons of light.

Matthew 6:22

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single; thy whole body shall be full of light.

The bible’s most significant, fundamental and unerring message is that ‘God is Light’. The light receptor of the human body is the pineal gland.

Genesis 32:30

So, Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.”

And here’s where it really starts to get interesting. The pineal gland is scientifically documented as the epiphysis cerebri which has the same photoreceptor rod and cone structure as a normal eye and is directly connected to the optic thalamus – almost completely rendering it a third eye. The etymology of ‘epiphysis’ is extremely revealing; being the root of the word ‘epiphany’, which is likened to a moment of divine insight manifesting from within one’s mind’s eye! Coincidence? Maybe.

However, during the hours of daylight, the pineal gland is responsible for secreting essential chemical hormones such as serotonin into the circulatory system. Alternatively, during the night, it converts the serotonin into melatonin, a hormone which influences sexual development and detects the onset of darkness and sleep cycles. Rather astonishingly, the pineal gland also contains DMT! The precise location for the production of DMT within the human body still remains unclear, but the fact it’s there, and that certain parts of the brain do in-fact hold significant levels of necessary enzymes for the potential symbiosis of said substance is extremely revealing. The profundity of which may have been documented in myth and scripture for the benefit of a technologically advanced society such as our own to uncover. And so, to the myth of Os-iris. Osiris, we find, is synonymous with a great number of deities from our most distant past; Jesus, Amun, Amen, and Zeus to name but a few – all of whom are directly associated with the notion of ‘light.’ The most archaic being the ram-headed Ancient Egyptian solar deity, Amun. Amun is also etymologically associated with Ammon; and as such the Greek God-head Zeus was sometimes referred to as Zeus-Ammon who is also depicted with ram’s horns, no less. Ammon’s horn, we find, is also another name for the hippocampus of the human brain which is responsible for the creation of higher brain functions such as memory recall. Along with the eyes, lungs, cerebrospinal fluid, the pineal gland, and neocortex, Ammon’s ram-like horn holds the potential to biosynthesise Strassman’s Spirit Molecule, DMT! The word hippocampus is Ancient Greek for seahorse, and with good reason too, as its appearance is clearly beyond mere suggestion as the protective layer of brain anatomy surrounding it is called the cerebrum which is also Greek in origin – ‘cere’ meaning ‘to cover.’ Ex-pastor and biblical scholar, Bill Donahue, has postulated that the bibles scripture which describes the winged cherubim are in direct correlation with the wing-like layer of the cerebrum of the brain, for it is the job of the cherubim to cover and protect the dwelling place of God.

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