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Mitch Horowitz on Skeptiko: Did Mitch go full on retard or is he a Satanic Apologist?


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A podcast I often tune into is called Skeptiko by Alex Tsakiris. He is a great host and has some excellent guests on his show where you can learn about various scientific and esoteric subjects.

One of the people he recently had on his podcast is an occult author, Theosophist, and self-proclaimed Satanist, Mitch Horowitz. The title of the interview is “Mitch Horowitz, Who Inspires You Satan or Jesus?”

If you do not know of him, a quote by the comedian podcaster Duncan Trussel that is posted on describes him well as “a cross between Aleister Crowley and Alan Watts.”

Back to the Skeptiko Podcast. Alex starts by introducing Mitch and then implying that he went full-on retard by playing a movie clip from the movie .

The reason Alex says that Mitch went retard was that he read in his book that the U.S. military officer, a former high-ranking member of the Church of Satan and founder of the Temple of Set – Michael Aquino was one of his inspirations, and Mitch also told Alex that Aquino had no involvement in the alleged child rapes and killings that he was accused of, which Alex thought was absurd, to say the least.

When questioned, Mitch adamantly defended his dead Satanic hero, Aquino. He also parroted the same old claim over and over as they always do when questioned about the evil and criminal aspects of their religion, “It was part of the Satanic Panic.” You will find that the “Satanic Panic” is the catchphrase to fool 99% of the people who are not well-read on the subject and or the history of the Satanic criminal fringe where it is well documented that you can find a plethora of Satanic killings, human and animal sacrifice and child rape.

By no means is this type of behavior the norm, or am I implying that most Satanists are evil or involved in criminality. On the contrary, these crimes are normally committed by people who are not members of some Satanic sect. In fact, I believe the vast majority are not involved in evil acts or crimes but to falsely claim that stuff like that never happened and to claim so is part of the Satanic Panic is simply a lie.

Alex prefaced the listeners by WARNING them I like Mitch BUT;

“I can trust you. Just don’t go full retard on me. Don’t ask me to believe that Michael Aquino is not the worst of the worst Satanists, sex abusing, probably murderer of children, probably pedophile kind of person!!”

So who is telling the truth – Mitch or Alex?

The Satanic Apologist Mitch vs the Satanic Truth or Satanic Panicky Alex?

Before I get into some of the details of what was said, you must have a basic understanding of Satanism and occult symbology.

Often, I have found that Satanists who are authors and public figures have a tendency to speak very well and will articulate some nice truths mixed in with big half-truths/lies so the average to the below-average student on the esoteric, occult, and Satanism will never spot the misleading information. I have interviewed and talked to many active and former Satanists over the years, and I have found that many people leave the discussion believing what the Satanists say because they know no better.

Meaning, they do not have the esoteric and empirical knowledge (Gnosis) to understand that they are being misled, and as Manly P. Hall stated, “lies are one of the greatest tools of most Satanists.

Just so you are aware, to lie is a form of Black Magic that can be taken to many levels and extremes. This is no grand secret and not the only method of a black magician, but it is a tool that can be used at will for self-gain in Satanism just like a narcissist or sociopath can and will do the same.

How do I know many Satanists lie and Satanism encourages its followers to mislead people for self-gain?

For well over a decade, I have read their literature, interviewed current and former high ranking Satanists in the Church of Satan, and I have also read other great philosophers and authors like Manly P. Hall, who happens to be the same person that Mitch Horowitz had chosen to write a book called, “The Seeker’s Guide to The Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Authorized Companion to Manly P. Hall’s Esoteric Landmark.”

Please keep in mind that I also consider myself an expert on many of these same subjects, and anything I state in this article, I would not hesitate to kindly debate him or speak to Alex about on any day of the week. In fact, I left a comment on Alex Tsarkis’ Youtube channel stating I would come on his show to discuss and agreed that Horowitz went retard but Alex appears to have deleted my comment.

I do not know the guy but I was not happy to learn that he is censoring his listeners and comments but here is my last comment asking him why? Alex, are you reading, and do you care to comment?


Follow up interview w/ Alex of Skeptiko here:

And more on the reality of arch satanist and former head of Army Intelligence Michael Aquino

Is Joe Rogan a low key satanist? How about Duncan Trussell? Why is it seen as trendy or cool to shout “Hail Satan” by so many Hollywood celebs and podcasters?

Why exactly would anyone align themselves with the Temple of Set? A black magical order associated with perverse rituals and child abuse no less via Michael Aquino and others. Perhaps they have come out subsequently to disavow these orgs or perhaps it’s just another example of going along to get along with hollyweird insiders… you be the judge. – Astromonk

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