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Q Proofs – Modern Heresy


Editors note:

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Greetings to my loyal readers, thank you for your recent encouraging emails, tweets and comments on my videos. These are strange days and yet, as the cliche goes, “it is always darkest before the dawn.”

It has also been said that if you want to know who rules over you, you need only ask who you are not allowed to criticize. I would add that you could also infer said rulers or archons by discovering which topics are made “taboo” or which create the most hysterical over acting amongst the rulership and their mocking bird minions. By far the topic which exacts the greatest amount of screeching and protest is summarized by one particular letter of the English alphabet; Q. How could I entitle my podcast Gnosis if I was unable or willing to court heretical thoughts in pursuit of liberating knowledge?

Q is an incredibly ingenious military operation launched in the wake of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on 11/22/1963. This event was a catastrophic coup-de-tat where the freemasonic hidden hand and its ancillary fingers coordinated to assassinate President Kennedy and the American spirit once and for all. We are fast approaching the sixtieth anniversary of this watershed moment in human history, and it appears as though the tables are turning in the favor of the patriots who’ve created the “greatest communications event in history” with the aim of fostering a Great Awakening globally. This ongoing saga is a multi faceted rebuke of the satanic globalist agenda to enslave humanity and literally usher in a techno-utopian dark age where free humanity is no longer possible; and democratic republics are morphed into totalitarian dictatorships where every aspect of one’s life is scientifically plotted and managed by un-elected bureaucrats who have anointed themselves our divine ruling sovereigns and where the brutality inflicted in communist strong holds like China and North Korea would become common place.

But please, DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! I’ve only ever asked that people seek with an open mind if what I am sharing is in fact true. The rabbit hole I am presenting is not without consequence, this red pill ride will require that you imbibe the fruit of Gnosis or knowledge and become cognizant and aware of the longstanding battle of good vs evil in this realm and those who have curated this narrative to their own ends. You must therefore choose a side and become responsible to the information you’ve ingested. As Heraclitus opined “Those who love wisdom must investigate many things” and my intentions with the Gnosis podcast has only ever been to honestly investigate all matters whether politically tenable or not in pursuit of healing and redemptive Gnosis.

Thomas Paine captures my intentions entirely with his famous quote: “One who dares not offend cannot be honest”. I do not care if I offend you, I care that I provide information that is regularly forbidden for your consideration through trickery and deceit, so that you might protect and preserve what is most precious in life and that we may overcome those archontic forces which seek to subjugate us entirely. For me, abandoning the pursuit of truth for vain and monetary interests as some have chosen is contemptible and I plan on facing my maker with the knowledge that I did not relent in my pursuit because of superficial concerns of maintaining an internet following and the financial safety they can provide. My soul and integrity are far more valuable than such vain conceits as these.

Now, back to the matter at hand. The information that makes mockingbirds screech endlessly, exhausting themselves in defense against something they simultaneously seek to discredit as a mere LARP (Live Action Role Play) or dreaded “conspiracy theory”.

Please make yourself available to the information and ask yourself what are the odds that these collective winks, nods and deliberate confirmations of the unfolding plan to remove the blight of the “satanic super mafia” could have randomly occurred. For any true seeker of and lover of wisdom not determined to misunderstand data which reveals the fabricated nature of the reality they’ve chosen to believe, and or find their financial/egotistical existences imperiled by comprehending, for those types I leave you with more cutting wisdom from Thomas Paine:

“If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick that hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

Why would Donald J. Trump, re-truth Q related materials SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY times if he were afraid of being associated with them? It’s basic common sense. Don’t let the mockingbird c_a media brainwash you into believing otherwise.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
― George Orwell, 1984

My only request is that if you believe in the importance of the work I have done and continue to do to provide clarity and comprehension of the forces which threaten to subordinate the entire planet under a satanic “New World Order” rule, that you
please share material from this site as I am severely shadow-banned and demonetized from all major platforms in spite of having a large audience. An audience which I am not allowed to interact with with my content as you can see from the disparity in subscribers to the amount of views on both YouTube and Twitter as well as Facebook. This is the price for being a modern heretic unwilling to censor himself nor avoid the responsibility of revealing the truths about our world that the mainstream media never will.

For example. My YouTube Channel is shadowbanned entirely. Though I have over fifty seven thousand followers there my videos are not received by the subscribers as evidenced by the dramatically suppressed views on the videos. This is because I discuss all manner of heretical information there including, the covid-19 psyop, the deadly vaccines roll out, the freemasonic origins of world war two, the talmudic/judaic calls for mass genocide in their scripture and the related historical military holocausts they’ve scripted and performed in pursuit of their NWO luciferian agenda. I’m an open book and I do not avoid controversy so that I can remain an “influencer”. The same shadowbanning occurs on my twitter channel where in spite of having over twenty eight thousand followers (suppressed from 45K+ over 5 years ago) my posts rarely reach more than 400 people, in effect a 99% reduction in viewership because I dare present data these platforms immediately redact and censor, violating our first amendment rights entirely.

We are the media now, I need your support more than ever and appreciate everyone who has enabled me to reach the world with paradigm changing information from the outset.

You have my deepest, sincere gratitude.

Please enjoy a selection of related media bites which support all of the assertions I’ve made above related to Q and know that any financial support you can provide is utilized to support this truth seeking operation.

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