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Sangreal, The Cosmic Grail: The Secret Abides – Part 12 (Final Chapter)



Sangreal, The Cosmic Grail: The Secret Abides – Part 12 (Final Chapter)

This article will be the final installment in this series exploring the hidden science of the Holy Grail. There is a great deal more that could be said and at some point additional information will be forthcoming. For now I believe I have sketched the broad outlines and provided some insight into what this science is about. I have emphasized the cosmic symbolism woven into and throughout the narratives. The association with matters celestial issues inexorably from the Grail narratives themselves. It is not surprising that many of the symbolic implications have up until this point gone unappreciated and overlooked by mainstream scholars who have been trained in literary exegesis but who have generally lacked the familiarity with astronomy and other sciences that would allow their recognition of a very specific underlying meaning.

There are parallels to our evolving knowledge of sacred architecture,in which the astronomical and symbolical associations are crucial to understanding the meaning and function of the ancient temples and holy structures. This cosmic association is the constant throughout the realm of sacred architecture, whether it manifests as Stonehenge and the megalithic structures of Neolithic Europe, or the vast temple complexes of Egypt, Sumeria, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, the elegant temples of Greece, the monumental earthworks of North America, or the magnificent cathedrals of Gothic Europe. In all of these astronomy was paramount, a central theme of their design and construction.

Should we be surprised that the cosmic dimension appears in and informs the varied sacred writings of the world as well, including the medieval Grail romances? Throughout this series of articles I have been developing the idea that the cosmic domain was an intrinsic part of the consciousness of numerous cultures throughout history, and likely deep into prehistory as well.

The achievement of the Grail Quest yields the same outcome as the successful accomplishment of the Hermetic work, the production of the Philosophers Stone and the subsequent regeneration of the Alchemist.

I have suggested that part of what is concealed within the tales of the Grail Quest is an encoded science of planetary, social and individual regeneration which, in many respects, parallels and complements the hidden teachings of Alchemy. The achievement of the Grail Quest yields the same outcome as the successful accomplishment of the Hermetic work, the production of the Philosophers Stone and the subsequent regeneration of the Alchemist.With success in the Grail quest, not only is the debilitated king healed of his infirmity, so is the wasteland healed of its blight and nature restored to health and vigor, fertility and fecundity replenished.

Do the teachings of the Grail inform us that there exists, from ancient times, a science devoted to the restoration of terrestrial nature in the wake of cosmic catastrophe? Does the obsession with the astronomical realm found universally throughout all ancient cultures result from the fact that periodically the cosmic domain impinges upon this earthly domain here below, and that this experience was indelibly imprinted upon the collective mind and memory of our ancestors? Is it also possible that the ancient teachings might inform us as to the frequency and timing of these cosmic incursions?

Learn more about Randall Carlson’s Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe here.

That is a subject to which I will again return in due time. For now let us consider further certain phenomenon discussed in several of the previous articles. We have learned that our planetary home has frequently been the recipient of various kinds of matter and energy emanating from the sky. We have seen how specific details and memories of these cosmic events are preserved in our words, language and mythic traditions. We have learned that even in modern times close encounters with denizens of the deep have happened with a disturbing regularity. We have learned that comets, meteorites and asteroids regularly deliver payloads of exotic material into the terrasphere, including, but not limited to organic substances, precursors to organic substances, hydrocarbons, and platinum group metals. We have been presented with preliminary evidence that biological changes can be catalyzed through exposure to such materials.

Tracing the Holy Grail to its etymological source we discovered that the original name of the Grail has been preserved in our modern term for the great impact basins produced by Earth’s encounters with various celestial entities. We have been led to a vastly expanded model of the Grail, whereby the holy chalice transposes onto the terrestrial landscape, the Earth itself, in the form of great impact basins and astroblemes that provide a receptacle for the injection and distribution of cosmically derived catalysts throughout the planetary system of lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, wherein the final transmutation takes place.

We have learned that the vast system of fractures and fault lines permeating the Earth’s crust were created by the tremendous forces of shock and pressure emanating outward from the great crater forming impact events. We also learned that ancient astroblemes such as Sudbury, Vredefort and the Bushveld Complex provide our world with its richest sources of platinum group and other precious metals and ores. Sudbury, in Ontario, Canada, for example, in addition to platinum group metals such as palladium, iridium, rhodium and ruthenium, is one of the Earth’s most prolific sources of nickel, copper, iron, cobalt, sulphur, selenium, and tellurium. We have learned that certain platinum group metals interact with human DNA in truly remarkable ways. Keeping all of this in mind let us extend our thinking. The fractures and fault lines in the Earth’s crust provide conduits for the circulation of water throughout the crust, water that is infused with exotic materials and substances brought to Earth by incoming cosmic delivery vehicles. This material has the potential to catalyze a variety of processes that appear to be necessary to the evolution of life on Earth. In addition, the zones of impact yield an assortment of ores and precious metals.

I turn now to some very interesting research conducted by John Burke and Kaj Halberg in their 2005 book, Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty. Burke is an inventor who has demonstrated the effects of electromagnetic energies on crop yields. His discoveries have far reaching implications regarding the purpose behind many of the ancient sacred structures as well as the theme of this series of articles: that the Holy Grail is a symbol for a lost science of planetary regeneration. The authors discuss some of the physics associated with electromagnetic fields and then turn to the subject of geomagnetism. They state:

“Earth itself is subject to these same forces. When dawn brings a change to magnetic field strength, it actually generates weak DC currents in the ground. Like all electric currents, these telluric currents travel better in some media than others. Ground with lots of metal or water within it conducts these natural, daily currents particularly well. Drier or less metallic ground conducts it less well. When these two types of land intersect, we have what geologists call a conductivity discontinuity, and interesting things happen there. The ground current hitting this boundary has a tendency to either reinforce or weaken those daily magnetic fluctuations – sometimes by several hundred percent. This change in magnetic field strength in turn generates more electric current. So conductivity discontinuities are ‘happening places.”

The authors then make a very compelling comment: “It is intriguing that ancient builders . . . repeatedly selected conductivity discontinuities for the sites of giant structures of earth and stone.”
Is this true? If so, why would ancient builders select ‘conductivity discontinuities’ for the sites of their sacred structures? It does now appear increasingly likely that there was a geological component to the motives of ancient builders. The work of Paul Devereaux and the Dragon Project points to an answer. In his 1982 book Earthlights, Devereaux reports on his exhaustive survey of various ancient, sacred structures around the British Isles.

“As long ago as 1969 John Michell was associating sacred sites with geological faulting, but more by intuitive observation than anything else; the lie of the land surrounding most stone circles gives the secret away . . .There are enough examples to show that the ancients did not necessarily site their structures within easy reach of the stones they wanted . . .There simply cannot be any doubt that place was paramount to the megalithic builders. It so happened that the requirements for their places occurred in heavily faulted or intruded areas. And that is a clue not to be missed.”

That, indeed, is a clue not to be missed. Devereaux’s work has gone a long way toward establishing a basis for understanding the scientific rationale behind the motives of the ancient builders. But why would they site their structures in reference to the underlying geology? John Burke provides another clue.

“No one, to our knowledge, has ever reported a peculiar effect: that seeds placed at these structures and subjected to certain energies there will often grow dramatically better and give higher yields…In 1993, I was helping to develop a new technology for treating seeds with electromagnetic energy. Prototype devices had improved seed performance dramatically by subjecting the seeds to a special type of carefully controlled shower of electrons. This treatment was not microwaves or irradiation, but something far gentler, more akin to static electricity…It could dramatically change agricultural seeds when used very precisely, altering the physiology of the seeds and thereby the plants that grew from them.”

Throughout their book Burke and Halberg present evidence that at many of the ancient sites they investigated there was present a special type of energy that benefited and accelerated the sprouting of seeds and the growing of crops. And that this unique energy, be it geomagnetic or electromagnetic, or something else entirely, was intensified at sacred sites and structures relative to the background intensity, and that it appeared to wax and wane in cycles governed by the heavens. As our knowledge of the methods and philosophy of the ancient builders grows, we cannot help being astonished.

We can now begin to understand ancient temples of the world as instruments for the linking of the forces of Earth and Sky

.As we have been learning for well over half a century now, astronomy was of overriding importance in the orientation of virtually all the sacred structures of old. We can now add to that not only the utilization of Sacred Geometry in the design and dimensions of the various temples and holy buildings of antiquity, but also the deliberate positioning with reference to the regional geology. We can now begin to understand ancient temples of the world as instruments for the linking of the forces of Earth and Sky.

Through these articles I have hoped to arouse your curiosity, to stimulate or inspire you, the reader, to look deeper into these matters for yourself, to consider the possibility that we are the inheritors of an ancient legacy whereby our ancestors were able to accelerate the restoration of terrestrial nature in the aftermath of a cosmically induced destruction of the land, as it is called in the Grail mythos, the kingdom of Logres.We now also know that in the very epoch of Arthur the king, during the very years that the 12th century stories placed the Grail knights upon their sacred but desperate quest, leading finally to the death of Arthur at the battle of Camlann, something indeed did blight the land, a pervasive affliction, a cosmic curse, if you will. It is now scientifically established that between the years 536 and 544 AD a cold darkness descended over the world and the last remnants of the great classical civilizations disappeared. Strange fogs engulfed the land, the Sun barely shown for days, even weeks at a time, and when it did it was but a feeble imitation of itself, crops died in the fields, forest growth almost came to a stop over the whole northern hemisphere, famine overtook the people of Europe and in their diminished state they became susceptible to the onset of plague and pestilence.

It is now becoming evident that the onset of the Dark Ages was a response to a change in the cosmic environment.

In 542 AD the Justinian plague wiped out at least one third of the population of Europe. For the next four centuries vast areas of the world succumbed to the Dark Ages and the forward momentum of civilization was arrested. It is now becoming evident that the onset of the Dark Ages was a response to a change in the cosmic environment.It is also becoming evident that the events of the 6th century AD that served as the inspiration for the strange and exotic stories of the Grail, were but the most recent in a long series of global events triggered by interactions between the Earth and the heavens, events that have not only determined the vectors of planetary and biological history but of human history as well.

Are we beginning to finally uncover the secret of the Grail and whom it serves? There is one thing about which we can be absolutely certain. The heavens WILL once again speak to the Earth. Will we be listening, and, if listening, will we understand the message?

Are we beginning to finally uncover the secret of the Grail and whom it serves? There is one thing about which we can be absolutely certain. The heavens WILL once again speak to the Earth. Will we be listening, and, if listening, will we understand the message?
In these articles during the past year we have but skimmed the surface of the Grail Mystery. I am developing an extended book length treatment of this material in which these ideas will be explored in much greater depth, so stay tuned.


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  1. Thank you Randall for sharing your deep knowledge of these sacred mysteries. This series has forever changed my view of how interconnected the heavens are with the earth and how organic the whole universe really is in relation to all of her various parts.

    The way you’ve described comets impacting the earth and thereby dispersing genetically amplifying materiel into the biosphere and crust, suggests that even in their great destruction there is a continual advancement of life. This is such an amazing concept to ponder! I look forward to the book level material when its ready.

    Thanks again

  2. Yes. Please do write a book on this.

    I’ll be happy to buy it. Even if it doesn’t tell me how to use the rare metals to regenerate myself and live as long as the ancients.

  3. This series of articles was absolutely fascinating to read. Some time ago I had an epiphany that the whole Arthurian “sword in the stone” legend was an esoteric reference to the science of metallurgy and nickel-iron meteorites. “Merlin the wizard” with his long beard represents the knowledge of the ancients, the “lady of the lake” is the actions of nature and the lake itself is, of course, a crater, formed by an ancient impact event. The stone which contains the sword is the meteorite beneath the bed of the lake. Using the ancient knowledge, Arthur is able to “draw a sword from the stone”, i. e., to fashion the magical Excalibur, a blade of extraterrestrial stainless steel, a sword of the gods. Randall’s excellent interpretation of the Grail legend matches up very well with this idea and further illuminates it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I havent watched the video regarding the electrical conductivity of sacred sites in full yet but I’d like to point you all in the direction of the BBC Horizon documentary entitled “Eat, Fast and Live Longer” in which it is proclaimed that by fasting and reducing the blood-sugar content and thus the blood -insulin level, cells recieved a greater proportion of electrical communication and switched to a self-repair mode. The antithesis of this was that a high insulin level reduced electrical information and the cells reproduced before dying. When I saw this i immediately made an etymological relation between insulin and insulator which have the same island root (which I didnt know at that time).
    Anyway on taking the advice and trying it out – fasting 2 days a week as well as switching to a vegetarian diet – I found I could percieve electric fields and there was a massive field coming from the refridgerator. Unfortunately in our electrosmog filled environments being able to sense electric fields and various buzzings around the body was quite disturbing to a then 33 year old man. This was 2012 actually and that even lead me onto the magickal mystery tour. Anyway on telling my doctors about this they thought me a lunatic, which I might be, but my experiences were genuine and semi-stopped when I returned to eating meat and not fasting. I still feel bad about eating meat though but alas I am not in charge of diet as I’d like to be, family have little respect for those who tread a different path it seems… doctors too. I’ve also stopped trusting doctors as they are more a kin to kitchen cooks than scientists, i.e. they like to follow predetermined recipes and ignore that which cannot be satiated with a toxic pill.
    Anyway check out the documentary if you can.

  5. The work that Randall is doing is valuable beyond words. This series has further fueled my appetite for mystery and study. I’ve been contemplating joining the Brotherhood of Freemasons for some time now. Randall’s work and affiliation have cemented my decision to do so. Thank you Randall. You are truly a torch-bearer of the great work. You are appreciated more than I can express in words here. Godspeed.

  6. Consider the Greek legend of Sisyphus. The cyclical restarting of a great work. Who, after reading this series, could find it coincidental that his work began again after the big round rock fell back to the Earth…?