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The Freemason Invention of the Nazi Party


Via Joseph Atwill April 21 2023

Dedicated to the memory of Richard Stanley, whose works inspired this one

Seal of Theosophy
Seal of Theosophy

A fact that has been largely unrecognized is that the infamous Nazi Party seems to have been a longstanding project of Freemasonry. This secretive organization was able to achieve this without being recognized by using a proxy, Helena Blavatsky, and the pseudo – mystical organization she invented, the Theosophical Society.

While may strike the reader as farfetched, it is the case that virtually every aspect of what became the Nazi party originated from a member the Theosophical Society. Whereas one or two aspects could certainly be circumstantial, the number of disparate elements that owe their origin to members of the Theosophical Society is unlikely an accident. It appears that the Theosophical Society was used as a mystical camouflage under which the Nazis symbols, racial and economic perspectives, the Nazi party itself and finally its leader, Adolf Hitler, were created.

It is perhaps surprising that all of the facts asserted in this article are well known. The only original aspect of this analysis to to present them as a group, which to my knowledge has never been done before, and to note the obvious fact that when seen as a collection, it does not seem to be something that could have occurred by chance.

One obvious question that needs to be answered is why hasn’t the obvious connection between the elements that created Nazism become part of the historical understanding?

Blavatsky Was a Freemason

Freemasonry’s ‘Nazi Project’ began with its promotion of the famous mystic, Helena Blavatsky. Developing a reliable account of Blavatsky’s early life is impossible because she seems to have deliberately provided contradictory accounts and falsifications about her past. Furthermore, few of her own writings before 1873 have survived, meaning that biographers must rely heavily on later accounts. The accounts of her early life provided by her family members have also been considered dubious by biographers. (Wikipedia)

Based solely upon this analysis, Blavatsky’s claims to have been in Tibet as a youth where she had a mystical experience, were presumably fabricated to create some plausibility for her strange attraction for the mystical spiritualism she presented within Theosophy.

However, one fact about her that is known is that in 1867, at the age of thirty-six, Blavatsky was a member of the all-volunteer army of the Freemason Grand Master Giuseppe Garibaldi, and therefore was at the battle of Mentana where Garibaldi battled the army of Pope Pius IX. By the time the battle was over, Blavatsky lay bleeding in a ditch. Left for dead, she was rescued by Italian civilians who appeared to help the wounded.

For some reason, likely because of her Masonic zealotry, Garibaldi selected her and brought Blavatsky with him to England and introduced her to other high level Freemasons.

As an example of her zealotry, when Blavatsky met the Freemason Henry Steel Olcott in London in 1874, he reported that she was still wearing a Garibaldi ‘red shirt’, the army’s uniform.

She told Olcott about being wounded at Mentana. “In proof of her story,” he wrote in his diary, “she showed me where her left arm had been broken in two places by a saber stroke, and made me feel in her right shoulder a musket bullet still embedded in the muscle, and another in her leg.” (Olcott, Old Diary Leaves, pp. 4-9.) As a doctor and veteran of the American Civil War, Olcott recognized her injuries as authentic battle wounds.

Though typically described only as a Theosophist, Blavatsky was also a Freemason. John Yarker – who also initiated the satanist Alister Crowley – made Blavatsky a ‘Brother’ of the ‘Adoptive Rite of Freemasonry’. Blavatsky’s Masonic diploma was signed by Yarker and reads:

“We, the Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign Grand Master Generals… do declare and proclaim our illustrious and enlightened Brother, H. P. Blavatsky, to be an Apprentice, Companion, Perfect Mistress, Sublime Elect Scotch Lady, Grand Elect, Chevalière de Rose Croix, Adonaite Mistress, Perfect Venerable Mistress, and a crowned Princess of the Rite of Adoption.”

The Other Founders of the Theosophical Society Were Also Freemasons

To begin to understand Freemasonry’s connection to Nazism, it is necessary to recognize that the Theosophical Society was an annex of it. This is shown by the fact that, like Blavatsky, the other cofounders were also either overt Masons or had a direct connection to the organization.

On 7 September 1875, George H. Felt gave a talk at Helena Blavatsky’s parlour in New York. He spoke about the elemental spirits of the Egyptian temple mysteries, which he claimed to have subjugated, tested, and found efficacious. The assembled audience was so impressed at the importance of this work, that they agreed to form a new fellowship which would become known as the Theosophical Society. (Esoteric World of Madam Blavatsky, ch. 6). Felt was a versatile scientist, engineer and inventor, and was a member of a Masonic Lodge. (Felt Genealogy).

Henry Steel Olcott was a co-founder and became the first president of The Theosophical Society. In 1859, while reporting the hanging of John Brown, the abolitionist, for the Tribune, Olcott was arrested as a spy and condemned to death. However, he was released upon his appeal to his captors under the seal of confidence as a Freemason. (Theosophy Wiki)

Charles Sotheran, another co-founder, was initiated as a Freemason on April 8, 1872, in the United Grand Lodge of England. Sotheran was also active in the English Brotherhood of the Rosie Cross, and in Egyptian Rite masonry. (Theosophy Wiki)

William Q. Judge (1851–1896) another individual present at the seminal meeting, was the son of Frederick Judge, a well known Freemason. (Theosophy Wiki)

The term theosophy came from the Greek theos (“god(s)”) and sophia (“wisdom”), thus meaning “god-wisdom” or “divine wisdom”. It should be noted that one mystery this analysis clarifies is Theosophy itself. Its spiritual system is so ridiculous that it begs the questions as to why it was invented, let alone popularized. However, once it is recognized that the group was organized for political purposes, the mumbo-jumbo is explained.

In addition to Blavatsky, Garibaldi also brought to England a new version of Freemasonry called The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraïm, sometimes known as “Egyptian Freemasonry”. Garibaldi was the “Grand Hierophant” or leader of the order. After his death, above mentioned John Yarker was named Grand Hierophant in 1902. The philosophy presented by Memphis-Misraim was the basis for much of Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, which Dieter Eckart claimed somehow inspired Adolf Hitler.

The Theosophical Society and the Rite of Memphis-Misraim had substantially overlapping memberships. For example, Mr. Reginald G. Macbean, the British ambassador to Palermo and a member of the Theosophical Society, was elected Grand Master of the Rite of Memphis-Misraïm in Italy in 1921. The Rite went dormant again in 1925 because of opposition by the Mussolini government. But, Macbean issued a charter to five prominent Freemasons who were both members of the Memphis Misraim Rite and of the Theosophical Society:

James Ingall Wedgwood (England),
Charles Webster Leadbeater (Australia),
George Arundale (England),
C. Jinarajadasa (India), and
Oscar Kolleström (Australia)
(Masonic Biography of James Ingall Wedgwood; History of Misraim and Memphis)

The Nazis’ Use of the Swastika Came from the Theosophical Society

Blavatsky used the Swastika to represent her organization. She wrote:

“Few world-symbols are more pregnant with real occult meaning than the Swastika. It is symbolized by the figure 6; for, like that figure, it points in its concrete imagery, as the ideograph of the number does, to the Zenith and the Nadir, to North, South, West, and East; one finds the unit everywhere, and that unit reflected in all and every unit. It is the emblem of the activity of Fohat, of the continual revolution of the ‘wheels’, and of the Four Elements, the ‘Sacred Four’, in their mystical, and not alone in their cosmic meaning; further, its four arms, bent at right angles, are intimately related, as shown elsewhere, to the Pythagorean and Hermetic scales. One initiated into the mysteries of the meaning of the Swastika, say the Commentaries, ‘can trace on it, with mathematical precision, the evolution of Kosmos and the whole period of Sandhya’.”
“The Secret Doctrine”, H. P. Blavatsky, Vol. II, Theosophy Company, Los Angeles, p. 587.

In fact, Blavatsky’s bizarre understanding of the swastika seems to deliberately misdirect from one important fact. Given her connections to Freemasonry, it is dubious that Blavatsky was unaware that the swastika was the premier symbol of Operative Freemasonry.

Though seemingly trivial, her failure to mention Freemasonry’s use the swastika is important. It is an example of the use of mythicism to camouflage Theosophy’s connection back to Freemasonry. Moreover, based upon this analysis, the Nazis’ use of the symbol was chosen to cryptically indicate who was really in control of the organization.

Thomas Carr wrote:

“Among Operative Freemasons the VII° candidate is taken into a vault under the Grand Lodge Room and from the darkness looks up to the centre of its roof and there sees a large letter G. from which a plumb-line is suspended which hangs down into the chamber in which he is placed. He is told that this plumb-line comes down from the Pole Star and that the Swastika is its symbol. The Swastika is depicted on the Sacred Pedastal in front of him. When an Operative Lodge is opened in the VIP each of the Grand Masters puts his “Square” together with the Square on the Volume of the Sacred Law in such a way as to form a Swastika which is a much venerated symbol among all Operative Freemasons and is held to represent El Shaddai or the Most High, Himself.”
Thomas Carr – The Rituals of Operative Freemasons

The Nazi Concept of the Aryan Race Comes From Theosophy

The concept of the “Aryan Race” was not used by Germanic people to self identify before Blavatsky, who invented the application of the term that was subsequently used by the Nazi Party. She asserted the mystical notion that humanity is now in something she claimed was the fifth Aryan root race, which she saw as having emerged from the previous fourth root race (the Atlantean root race) beginning about 100,000 years ago in Atlantis.

Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, P 249

If Nazism was a long term project of Freemasonry, the idea of the “Aryan Race’ was invented to begin the process of giving the German people a focused racial identity that would ultimately be used by the Nazis to promote their racial separatism. Of course, as history played out, Blavatsky’s invention of the ‘Aryan Race’ was not a gift to the German people, but simply isolated them for destruction.

Writing about Blavatsky, Peter Staudenmeier noted:

The Secret Doctrine drew a pointed contrast between Aryan spirituality and Jewish materialism, characterizing the Jews as an “unspiritual people” who have “falsified” and “mangled” their own scriptures and systematically degraded the traditions they borrowed from other peoples; Judaism is “a religion of hate and malice toward everyone and everything outside of itself.” The “national features” of this “stiff-necked race” included “the idiosyncratic defects that characterize many of the Jews to this day – gross realism, selfishness, and sensuality.” According to Blavatsky, “if the root of mankind is one, then there must also be one truth which finds expression in all the various religions – except in the Jewish.”
Between Occultism and Fascism: Anthroposophy and the Politics of Race and Nation in Germany and Italy, 1900-1945 by Peter Staudenmaier

The World Leader – the ‘Lord Maitreya’

Blavatsky invented the concept of the ‘Lord Maitreya’—a term she borrowed from Buddhism — to describe an Aryan Messianic figure who would come to Earth to rule it.

Though it has been little noticed by historians, Blavatsky’s disciple Dietrich Eckart claimed that Hitler was the Maitreya. Eckart claimed that he was “told in a séance that the ‘Lord Maitreya’ would soon make his appearance as a German messiah. Eckart saw himself as being charged with the responsibility of ‘nurturing’ the Maitreya.” (The Twisted Cross, Joseph Carr, p.110).

This fact could not be more important because, as shown below, Eckart can be said to have created the ‘Adolph Hitler persona’.

The Concept of National Socialism Came From Theosophists

Edward Bellamy and his cousin Francis Bellamy were Theosophists who developed the concept of ‘national socialism’ which they also called “military socialism”, as they wanted all of society to emulate the military. Following their development of the term and practices in the US they brought National Socialism to Germany in the late nineteenth century.

Blavatsky wrote in the Theosophist’s magazine how pleased she was with the the international progress of the Bellamy’s in promoting National Socialism in Germany. She wrote: “The organization of society, depicted by Edward Bellamy in his magnificent work ‘Looking Backward’ admirably represents the Theosophical idea of what should be a first great step towards the full realization of universal brotherhood.”

In fact, Looking Backward actually advocated a dehumanized bureaucracy in which all decisions made by the State. Consider Bellamy’s description of a central government with the humans removed: “The machine which they direct is indeed a vast one, but so logical in its principles and direct and simple in its workings, that it all but runs itself” (p. 129).

Bellamy’s next quote is critical and is not merely an amazing foreshadowing of fascism. Within the context of this analysis it is literally its definition and, by the advocation of it, part of the way its was implemented:

‘The organization of the industry of the nation under a single control, so that all its processes interlock, has multiplied the total product over the utmost that could be done under the former system. [It may be compared] with that of a disciplined army under one general – such a fighting machine, for example, as the German army in the time of [Prussian general] Von Moltke.’ (p. 165) Looking Backwards

Given that there is no obvious connection between the mystical world view promoted by Theosophy, and the centralized economy and focused nationalism promoted by the Bellamys the question arises as to why were they brought together?

Moreover, as shown below, this was not the only time this strange fusion occurred. Theosophy spawned the Thule Society, a Germanic racial-mystical organization looking for Atlantis, the Holy Grail and the origin of the Aryan Race, but without the economic perspective promoted by the Bellamys. This mystical group then, through a tortuous process, ultimately merged with German Workers organizations founded by the Theosophists to form the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; NSDAP on February 24, 1920.

The Nazis’ One Arm Salute Came From Theosophists

Francis Bellamy created the Pledge of Allegiance that is still performed in the United States. As he invented it the Pledge was recited with a straight armed military salute that was extended outward to point at the flag. The Bellamys then influenced the National Socialist German Workers Party in its rituals, dogma, and symbols.

Those wishing more documentation concerning the Bellamys’ connection to Nazism should review Rex Curry’s website.


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